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Social Enterprise Spirit

Founder obtained Master degree in Central Saint Martins (UAL) and had worked as a fashion designer for over 10 years, realized there are so much waste in the fashion industry and in the society. With the mission to create a fashion brand in social enterprise model projecting fashion but also support eco-friendly and empower local women and marginalized groups by offering them job opportunities. 


Recycle / Upcycling

In the textile developing and making process, so many waste in consequence, such as the sample fabric and leftover fabrics, since the real low quantity even though they are new and in good quality still is useless for large enterprise, they might just treat it as garbage and at the end to landfill which is wasting resources in the earth. With the concept of make the best use of everything, recycle these fabrics and revitalize it with new design as trendy fashion and divert to limited collection, offer second life to the material and also special option to customers who look for fashion with uniqueness or even one of a kind. 


RPET (recycle form plastic bottles)

Plastics over consuming brings heavy burden to Hong Kong landfills. According to Environmental Protection Department, there are over 2124 tons of plastic waste in Hong Kong, and the data more like to be going up.

Indeed drinking plastic bottles can be recycled. RPET fabric is a new environmentally friendly material. Drinking bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which can be melted and re-woven to be 'recycled' into fabric, thus reducing waste in our environment and landfills. Therefore, when buying products with RPET, you are giving a second life to the material, creating a demand for recycling and waste reduction, also saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and lowering the use of petrochemical materials. This is happening in US, UK, Taiwan, Mainland China, but Hong Kong has not concern about this yet. 

In this fashion brand, there is a series collection focusing on this sustainable fabrics who can show the beautiful and elegant outlook. Hope to bring awareness of people having apparent beauty but also remember environmental friendly. 


Fair Trade - Made in Hong Kong

In garment industry, large enterprise focus on earn as much as possible, to lower the cost by sending the production line to remote country, competition make the factories to lowest the cost to acquire the order, that eventually create unfair wages to the workers. Even they work overtime for long hours they do not get reasonable wages for livelihood. This is so called sweatshop conditions.

We care about people, we support fair trade in this enterprise, all production will be Made in Hong Kong, empower local women and rehabilitation people, ensure they are getting fair salary.  


Plastic Bag Free - rehabilitation people made garment bag

To achieve the eco-friendly concept of reduce plastics consumption, normally in fashion industry using lots of plastic bags for packaging, for the over packaged habit turns out with environmental pollution while customers hardly reuse those big plastic bags and just throw away as garbage. We have an idea to recycle those sample fabrics which is new and unused, to be the packing bag of the garment, and also printed with customer name that they may willing to reuse. Also, these bags are made by rehabilitation people from St. James Settlement so that they have some job opportunities.